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The full-featured FireCR Dental Reader, a digital radiography phosphor plate system from 3DISC Imaging, rapidly and affordably delivers high-quality digital images for busy dental practices, optimizing chairside time with patients. Supplement with our FireID Reader and QuantorTab software to show patients that your practice offers the latest in digital imaging technology for improved patient results, in this increasingly competitive environment.

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FireCR dental reader

FireCR Dental Reader

The FireCR Dental Reader is compact and affordable, helping to increase patient throughput and improve the overall productivity of your practice. With its small footprint, the reader fits seamlessly into even the most space-challenged dental offices and exam rooms.



FireID RFID reader

FireID Reader

The advanced technology of the FireID provides quick and accurate registration of data relevant to each individual patient. By preregistering the unique tag code of the imaging plate on the FireID, key data are automatically matched to the correct patient file.



QuantorTab imaging software

Innovative QuantorTab Software

QuantorTab features an easy-to-use touch screen interface that provides dentists with immediate access to a patient’s dental images, allowing interactive chairside review with patients about treatment options.