We make compact, flexible and affordable imaging solutions for medical, dental and veterinary facilities worldwide.

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FireCR dental Reader

Experience the benefits of FireCR digital imaging

The full-featured FireCR Dental Reader from 3DISC Imaging rapidly and affordably delivers high-quality digital images.

  • Rapidly view high-quality digital images
  • Easy-to-use system increases patient throughput
  • Full-feature, affordable dental solution
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ATC ref site dentals

The Clinicians Report’s evaluation of our FireCR Dental PSP Reader

The independent Clinicians Report’s evaluation of our FireCR Dental PSP Reader: ”Phosphor plate digital radiography retains many of the key advantages of film: thin, flexible sensors with large imaging area; better patient comfort and acceptance; ease and accuracy of positioning; image quality comparable to other digital radiography systems; and digital enhancement, display, and storage capabilities.”...

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